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Michael Mulligan on CFAX 1070 w. Pamela McCall

Interview concerning the Raymon Caissie case: man arrested for murder after serving 22 year sentence. The interview included discussion of dangerous offender and s. 810.2 applications and how mandatory minimum sentence provisions can divert resources that could otherwise be used to manage high risk offenders.

Trinity Western University – Degree Program Review – Quality Assessment Report Workbook

A review of the proposed law school at Trinity Western University, prepared for the Province of BC by a panel of academic experts. It expresses serious concern with respect to the discriminatory practices of the university. Report obtained by the the Province newspaper pursuant to FOI legislation. 236928898-Government-panel-workbook-on-TWU-law-school-proposal  

U.S. court restricts cellphone searches

Police generally need a warrant, echoing decision rendered in B.C. WASHINGTON — In a strong defence of digital age privacy, a unanimous U.S. Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that police may not generally search the cellphones of people they arrest without first getting search warrants.

Judges Wrestle with Federally Mandated Surcharge on Offenders

Victoria provincial court judges are quietly doing an end run around the Harper government’s new mandatory surcharge to fund victim services. A new law that took effect in late October does not allow judges to waive the victim fine surcharge of 30 per cent of a fine or a flat fee of $100 or $200. […]

Comment: B.C. should mitigate minimum sentences

British Columbia’s attorney general should take steps to minimize the costs of federally mandated minimum sentences in the province. The federal government is responsible for passing criminal law, including the setting of penalties for particular offences. The provinces are responsible for the administration of justice, which includes the prosecution of criminal offences.

Legal-aid dispute threatens hundreds of criminal trials

Legal-aid lawyers across B.C. are threatening to adjourn hundreds of criminal trials if they can’t reach a funding agreement with government. The lawyers plan to adjourn six weeks of criminal cases, from shoplifting to murders, in courtrooms across the province from Oct. 7 to 10, if the Legal Services Society of B.C. can’t reach a […]