Computer Forensics

Forensic computer and cell phone examinations are increasingly used in litigation and criminal prosecutions.

Computer forensics relies on special analysis and investigative techniques to collect evidence from personal phones, computers, tablets, and other devices. The goal is to not only gather evidence but also gather it in a way that is reliable and suitable for presentation in court.

Computer forensics has become increasingly important in criminal cases because of how common electronic devices are.

To respond to this, we have lawyers at Mulligan Defence Lawyers trained in complex computer forensics examination techniques. We are uniquely qualified to assist with or handle criminal cases involving data extracted from computers, phones and other electronic devices.

All lawsuits and prosecutions require careful legal analysis. Some call for a technical, computer forensic examination. The challenge is that lawyers often do not know how to access or review hard drives, cell phones, and reports. Computer forensics experts may not know what they are looking for when examining the huge amounts of data that prosecutions, lawsuits and litigation produce.

Our lawyers’ training means they have the technical skills to maximize the effectiveness of their legal skill set.

computer forensics - crime scene tape