Our Services

Mulligan Tam Pearson offers the unique combination of experienced trial lawyers who also have detailed knowledge of computers and computer forensics.  Much can be lost in translation when lawyers deal with computer experts.  Lawyers who do not fully understand the science face challenges communicating with computer experts who don’t appreciate all legal nuances.  Mulligan Tam Pearson is uniquely suited to review materials with a litigator’s eye and help you deal with computer experts.

Case consultations

Some lawyers with strong computer skills will need only a case consultation to bring them up to speed on the issues and strategies central to computer forensics litigation.  Sometimes lawyers only need to be  advised about  particularly facets of computer forensics in order to effectively manage their cases.  As lawyers trained in computer forensics, Mulligan Tam Pearson can explain your material in “lawyer layman’s” terms. We can also point you in the right direction for educational materials, case law, and other resources.

Review of Expert Reports

Computer forensic examiners will almost always produce reports of their opinions.  These reports often contain printouts of material the examiners found relevant.  They also contain the opinions of the examiners, and the facts on which their opinions are based. These reports beg for an educated eye that can identify problematic practices or statements. As any experienced litigator knows, it is often what is NOT said in an opinion that is crucial. We have the training and experience to look for these minutiae most lawyers miss.

Liaising with Your Expert on the Review of Digital Evidence files

Some cases demand the careful examination of the raw digital evidence. While our firm is equipped with the skills and technology to examine digital evidence from computers and drives, we prefer to let experts testify on our behalf. We can assist in the retention and instruction of computer forensics experts. We speak their language and we also speak yours, making us excellent liaisons.

Cross-examination of experts

Cross-examining a computer forensic expert is difficult business. During our training, Mulligan Tam Pearson lawyers met  computer forensic experts   who mocked the inability of lawyers to understand the rudimentary concepts of computer forensics, never mind score points in cross-examination.  Often lawyers who are attempting to cross-examine computer forensics experts are unaware of the potential weaknesses in the experts’ opinions, lack the background knowledge required to expose those weaknesses, and are therefore unable to capitalize on them to win for their clients.

Most lawyers  have an excellent grasp of their  cases with the  exception of the computer forensics evidence.  Consider bringing in lawyers from Mulligan Tam Pearson who are uniquely suited to effectively cross-examine computer forensic witnesses in their own language.


Full case referral

There will be cases that rest entirely on either the presentation or challenging of computer forensic evidence. If a client brings you such a case, you might be unable or uninterested in spending the hours and hours of work required to become fully familiar with computer forensics cases.  In these situations, it may make sense to refer your client to Mulligan Tam Pearson.

Referring out clients can be a nerve-wracking process. Lawyers worry whether the clients will be well-served by the other lawyer. The conduct of the cases by the lawyer who receives the referrals will reflect, for better, or for worse, on the referring lawyers. You can have confidence your clients will be extremely well-served and then referred back to you for all subsequent legal services.