Spousal Assault Lawyer in Victoria

Also known as a ‘domestic assault’ or ‘domestic family violence,’ spousal assault is a charge of assault where the complaint is a spouse or intimate partner.

Spousal assault cases often have collateral impacts on children and others, making this type of case particularly challenging and sensitive. On top of that, the inherent stress of conflict is often compounded by quick decisions to arrest and charge.

When an accusation of spousal assault is made, it is common for the person who is accused to be prohibited from contacting or communicating with the complainant.

If there is a condition of release that prohibits contact, there is a process to apply to a judge to have this condition modified or removed.

Because it’s only possible to make a single application to modify conditions of release without the consent of Crown Counsel, it’s wise to obtain legal assistance before doing so.

While a condition prohibiting contact or communication is in place, however, it is important to comply with this requirement. Even if the complainant initiates contact with an accused person subject to a no-contact condition, a reply to the complaint can result in an additional charge of breaching release conditions.

For all criminal investigations or charges, it is wise to consult counsel immediately and to avoid making statements to others. Contact Mulligan Defence Lawyers to learn more about Spousal Assault and inquire about your case:

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