Michael Mulligan on CFAX – Statutory Release

Victoria BC Criminal Lawyer Michael Mulligan on CFAX 1070 with Terry Moore discussing proposed changes to statutory release pursuant to the Corrections and Conditional Release Act. A federal government press release proposes restrictions on statutory release for offenders who were previously sentenced to more that 5 years and who then are sentenced to more than […]

Paul Pearson on CFAX – Terrorism Legislation

Victoria BC Criminal Lawyer Paul Pearson on CFAX 1070 with Ian Jessop discussing the legal and privacy consideration that flow from proposed terrorism legislation in Canada.

Dog Walker Emma Paulsen Sentenced to Six Months

 Former dog walker, Emma Paulsen sentenced to six months in jail for cruelty to animals, that resulted in the death of six dog, and for public mischief: falsely reporting to the police that the dogs had been stolen after they died in her care and she disposed of their bodies. Victoria BC Criminal Lawyer Michael Mulligan […]

Victoria BC Criminal Lawyer Paul Pearson on CFAX – Saanich Mayor Richard Atwell

Victoria BC Criminal Lawyer Paul Pearson discusses the legal and privacy issues raised by the allegations of Saanich Mayor Richard Atwell on CFAX 1070 with Pamela McCall.

Paul Pearson on CFAX w. Pamela McCall discussing prostitution laws in Canada

Victoria BC Criminal Lawyer Paul Pearson discusses changes to prostitution laws in Canada on CFAX1070 with Pamela McCall.

Michael Mulligan on CFAX – Jian Ghomeshi Charged

Michael Mulligan on CFAX w. Al Ferraby discussing legal issues relating to the Jian Ghomeshi being charged with sexual assault.

Paul Pearson on CFAX w. Ian Jessop – Bill Cosby and Sexual Assault Allegations

Paul Pearson, Victoria BC Criminal Lawyer, discusses sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby and the state of the law in Canada vs. the United States.

Legal Aid: A Right or a Privilege – Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada

Author Lois Leslie explains international law rights to legal aid and how legal aid in BC fails to comply with international law standards. The panelists identify the consequences of inadequate legal aid and suggestions for change. Panelist are: Austin Cullen, Associate Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of BC, The Honourable Anne Rowles, Retired Justice […]