Death of Three Year Old Syrian Refugee Unable to Get to Canada

Syrian RefugeesVictoria Lawyer Michael Mulligan on CFAX – Legally Speaking with Pamela McCall – discussing the Syrian refugee crisis and Canadian Refugee law. Shocking images of a three year old Syrian refugee, Alan Kurdi, who died, along with his five year old brother, and their mother, has drawn attention to the plight of Syrian refugees. The children’s aunt, who lives in Coquitlam, BC, had been trying for months help the family get to Canada. The tradgedy has focused attention on the adequacy of Canada’s refugee policy. A formal application on behalf of the children’s uncle to come to Canada had been rejected, and a letter requesting help from the Minister of Immigration afforded no help.

The March 17, 2015 letter written by Fatima Kurdi, the aunt of the boys who dies, to Chris Alexander, the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration asking for help can be found here: letter-from-tima-kurdi


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