Extreme Air Park Inc – Civil Claim for Death – Michael Mulligan on CFAX

Victoria Lawyer Michael Mulligan, on CFAX 1070, discussing the civil claim filed against Extreme Air Park Inc. on behalf of the surviving spouse and three children of Jason Greenwood. Jason Greenwood died after jumping in a foam pit at Extreme Air Park in Richmond.

The legal issues discussed include the potential effects of a liability waiver and the challenges of collecting on a judgment.

As explained in the 2009 British Columbia Supreme Court decision of Wong v. Lok’s Martial Arts Centre Inc. a liability waiver signed by a parent does not prevent the child from suing. It would seem that the implications of this decision are not well understood, as parents continue to be asked to sign liability waivers on behalf of children. In many cases, the only effect of these waivers may be to dissuade parents from seeking legal advice in the event that a child is injured.

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