Impact of Duffy and Brazeau Trials on the Federal Election

duffy-brazeau-harperVictoria Lawyer Michael Mulligan on CFAX Legally Speaking with Pamela McCall discussing the legal and political implications of former Conservative Senators Duffy and Brazeau’s criminal trials during the federal election campaign. In addition to the continued fallout from the Duffy trial, more is still to come for the Conservative Party: in September Senator Brazeau’s trial is set to continue. He is alleged to have pushed a woman  down a flight of stairs, spat on, and sexually assaulted her. Senator Brazeau is also charged, separately, with fraud and breach of trust for falsely claiming living expenses. Collectively, the revelations concerning the activities of Senators appointed by Prime Minister Harper, and senior staff in the Prime Minister’s office, are causing exactly the sort of damage to the Conservative brand that they attempted to prevent with the failed cover up in the Duffy case.

Video of the 2012 charity boxing match between Justin Trudeau and Senator Patrick Brazeau:


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