Michael Mulligan on CFAX – What’s next in Nuttall Korody bomb case

Wile EVictoria BC Criminal Lawyer Michael Mulligan on CFAX Legally Speaking with Pamela McCall –  What’s next in the Nuttall and Korody legislature bomb case following the conviction by the jury. The most interesting part of the case now starts as the judge will deal with the issue of entrapment. This process is discussed in the context of what the Supreme Court of Canada has had to say about the reliability of confessions obtained in Mr. Big undercover operations and the current debate concerning Bill C-51 which would provide more powers to investigate suspected terrorism without additional oversight.

Also, a brief discussion of the background and issues on CBC The Early Edition with Rick Cluff:


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Background and analysis of entrapment in the context of this case – a CBC News article by Alexsandra Sagan: