Victoria BC Criminal Lawyer Paul Pearson on CFAX – Saanich Mayor Richard Atwell

10712816Victoria BC Criminal Lawyer Paul Pearson discusses the legal and privacy issues raised by the allegations of Saanich Mayor Richard Atwell on CFAX 1070 with Pamela McCall.

Paul Pearson on CFAX w. Pamela McCall discussing prostitution laws in Canada

anti-prostitutionVictoria BC Criminal Lawyer Paul Pearson discusses changes to prostitution laws in Canada on CFAX1070 with Pamela McCall.

Michael Mulligan on CFAX – Jian Ghomeshi Charged


Michael Mulligan on CFAX w. Al Ferraby discussing legal issues relating to the Jian Ghomeshi being charged with sexual assault.

Paul Pearson on CFAX w. Ian Jessop – Bill Cosby and Sexual Assault Allegations

Bill Cosby

Paul Pearson, Victoria BC Criminal Lawyer, discusses sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby and the state of the law in Canada vs. the United States.

Legal Aid: A Right or a Privilege – Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada

Author Lois Leslie explains international law rights to legal aid and how legal aid in BC fails to comply with international law standards. The panelists identify the consequences of inadequate legal aid and suggestions for change. Panelist are: Austin Cullen, Associate Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of BC, The Honourable Anne Rowles, Retired Justice of the BC Court of Appeal and lawyers Michael Mulligan, Birgit Eder, and Anthony Robinson.


Paul Pearson on CFAX w. Al Ferraby discussing Jian Ghomeshi

Paul Pearson – A criminal lawyer in Victoria BC discusses the Jian Ghomeshi case.

Michael Mulligan on CBC Early Edition discussing Trinity Western University Law School

Michael Mulligan on CBC Early Edition with Rick Cluff. Sep. 26 discussion concerning the Law Society of BC Benchers response to the resolution passed at the Special General Meeting of the Law Society directing them not to approve the proposed law school at Trinity Western University as a result of discriminatory policies.

Michael Mulligan on CFAX 1070 w. Pamela McCall

Interview concerning the Raymon Caissie case: man arrested for murder after serving 22 year sentence. The interview included discussion of dangerous offender and s. 810.2 applications and how mandatory minimum sentence provisions can divert resources that could otherwise be used to manage high risk offenders.